First…why the name “ENOFYLZ”?….it’s the phonetic spelling of the word “oenophile”, which is a wine lover.

As a self-described “Wine Drinkin’ Fool”, I became seriously interested in wine in my late forties, later in life than most folks who are passionate about wine. I became passionate about wine in large part because it’s a passion my wife and I share. We’ve bought way too much wine, and we’ve got much to learn ( although my wife is more interested in the drinking of wine than in the “technical” aspects of learning it). She frequently tells me that’s “too much information” when I get excited about learning more about wine…thus the blog. It’s my way of letting thoughts of wine off my mind (hey did that just rhyme – guess I’m a poet and don’t know it;-), and sharing it with family and friends. It’s fun for me ,and at times challenging to learn about wine. I’ve come to realize it’s a passionate life-long love affair with wine.

I especially enjoy trying new wines, and exploring the wines of the world. I’m very active on CellarTracker.com (over 1,500 tasting notes and counting!) where  I go by the handle MartinD of Enofylz Wine Blog

I also love the travel that comes with wine exploration. Wine country is almost always just so beautiful.

When I’m not doing the wine thing, I have a day job as a Financial Executive.

I hope you enjoy it a fraction as much as I enjoy sharing as we learn about wine together.
Thanks for finding me!

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    • Hi Robin – Thank for checking out my little place in the wine blog-o-sphere. I appreciate it. I’ve actually not been to Tuscany. I plan to rectify that later this year when I plan to spend a few week in Italy. But I do know someone who has been (she’s traveling there again in the March April timeframe) and I trust her. Here name is Michelle William of the Rockin Red Blog (rockinredblog@gmail.com). Feel free to reach out to her for recs. You might also check out this post for ideas…http://www.decanter.com/wine-travel/italy/top-10-tuscan-wineries-to-visit-13770/

      Thanks again!

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