Family Wine Makers Tasting Favorites

I recently attended the Family Winemakers of California (“FWC”) Grand Tasting in San Francisco.  The FWC is the trade advocate for California’s “small family” wineries (according to this year’s program, case production ranged from 200 to 200,000! ).  A huge tasting like this brings in trade, media, and wine lovers from across the country. There were…

2015 Zinfandel Experience Media Tasting – Top 20 Favorites

I attended the Zinfandel Advocates & Producers (“ZAP”) 2015 Zinfandel Experience Trade and Media Tasting held at Rock Wall Wine Company on Wednesday, January 28th.  The Trade and Media tasting featured 90 or so wineries, and I’d guesstimate at least 200 wines available for tasting. The Media tasting was held for 3 hours from 2-5p….