Smoked Salmon and Potato Chip Appetizer with Louis Roederer Champagne for #winePW

Wine Pairing Weekend is a monthly collaborative event for wine/food bloggers started by David Crowley of Cooking Chat.  It’s a great way to find food and wine pairings that work; along with tips on how to create your own food and wine pairing magic. The theme for this month’s Wine Pairing Weekend is “Sparkling Wines and Appetizers“ The Appetizer…

Champagne Chronicles – Day 3

This is the third in what will be a series of five posts about my visit to Champagne Day 1 – Guided tour of Reims Cathedral and Champagne dinner Day 2 – C.I.V.C., Roger Coulon, and Veuve Clicquot ______________________________________________________________________ Last month, I had the privilege of traveling to the Champagne region in France as a guest of the U.S….