No Reservations Wine Tasting: Iron Horse Vineyards

Iron Horse Vineyards, renowned for their sparkling wines, is one of Sonoma County’s most beautiful, home-grown, family-owned wineries dedicated to producing estate-bottled wine.

My wife and I do more than our fair share of wine tasting.  We’ve hit all the major wine regions in California (and a few minor ones too;-), along with some tasting in Oregon, Washington State,  Spain, Italy and Champagne.

From time to time we have a wine tasting experience that stands above the rest, and is everything we’re looking for – great wine and commendable service in a relaxed unpretentious environment.

It’s such experiences that are the focus of this No Reservations series.  Why “No Reservations”? Because I can honesty say I have “No Reservations”  about recommending the winery anyone who is looking for a great wine tasting experience.

Image courtesy of Iron Horse Vineyards

The latest in this series features an iconic Sonoma County winery producing some of the California’s finest sparkling wines – Iron Horse Vineyards (1).   My complete review of Iron Horse, including history, a recap of the tasting experience, reviews of wines tasted, and insider tips may be found on the American Winery Guide’s website

(1) Iron Horse has moved to reservations only for their wine tastings. 


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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience. I can’t believe I’ve never tasted at Iron Horse Vineyards, an oversight I must correct!

  2. Where about in Sonoma is it?

    1. Martin D. Redmond says:

      Iron Horse in the the Russian River Valley area of Sonoma County in the city of Sebastapol…Thanks for stopping by!

  3. We went recently, and it was just the best experience!

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