Lodi Chronicles: Pairing Wine and Chocolate Lodi Style

As you may know if you follow this blog,  I’ve been contributing toVisit Lodi! Conference & Visitors Bureau blog.  Visit Lodi is the official travel website for Lodi, California.

My latest feature on the Visit Lodi website is about pairing .  It’s entitled Pairing Wine and Chocolate Lodi Style.

It’s features tips for optimizing palatable wine and chocolate pairings.  One of my tips is to  “look for a “target –rich environment”, such as the 20th Annual Lodi Wine and Chocolate Weekend February 11th and 12th, 2017 where you can taste handcrafted Lodi wines and decadent chocolate treats from over 50 wineries in the Lodi appellation.  It’s a fun way to find out what suits your palate when it comes to wine and chocolate pairings!”  It’s not too late to buy tickets!

Click here to check it out the full article!

Image courtesy of Visit Lodi

Writing for Visit Lodi feels personal for me.  Lodi is a wine region I’ve come to know and love.  It feels like I’ve had a front row seat to its remarkable evolution.   The quality and diversity of the wines is remarkable.  But just as importantly for me is that remarkable growers,  and vintners of Lodi – many who I’ve come to know.

If it seems like Lodi is the most “together” wine region in the U.S. – nearly all growers and wine producers working in synch to put out the word about Lodi wines and grapes – that’s because it is – Randy Caparoso

You simply won’t find a better folks.  And I’m pleased to be sharing some of the remarkable stories behind the wines and vines!

And speaking of wines and vines, though my contributions are focused on wine,  there are many other things to do in Lodi, including  arts & culture, outdoor recreation, golfing, biking, etc.


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  1. Great advice–nice job Martin!

    1. WordPress.com Support says:

      Thanks Jeff!

  2. I like all of this advice! The idea of pairing chocolate as an ingredient in a main dish is something I hadn’t heard before. That Syrah and chocolate chicken mole sound sublime.

    1. WordPress.com Support says:

      Thanks Kristin! If I can get over my fear of making mole, I’ll pair with a wine and post about it!

  3. Jenna says:

    I always wonder about chocolate and wine pairing because sometimes it really works and other times it leaves me feeling that something is way off. Thanks for sharing the tips.
    And I whole-heartedly agree about the Lodi wine folks. It definitely has that small town feeling where everyone knows and supports each other. I love it there!

    1. WordPress.com Support says:

      Thanks Jenna! Wine and chocolate pairings can be tricky. Hopefully you’ll be able to use a tip or two to maximize your chances for successful pairings! I appreciate you dropping by and leaving a comment!

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