Wines to Pair with Springtime #SundaySupper Dishes

I love living in Northern California for a multitude of reasons.  Among them is my proximity to wine country.  I have wine country within 30 minutes to the East of where I live, 45 minutes to the South, and Napa and Sonoma are less 90 minutes away.  Of course, being a certified wine geek, I love wine.  But I also love wine country.  I often recommend to friends that don’t (yet;-) drink wine they take a drive to wine country anyway.  I make this recommendation for two reasons.  First wine country is just beautiful, especially this time of year (as you can see from the photo below) when there are harbingers of Springtime abound.  The other reason I recommend they venture into wine country is the foodYou’ll find some of the best places to eat in wine country, whether you drop in at a  road-side Deli, or (if you’re lucky and patient) you go to a world-renown restaurant like the French Laundry!

Daisies, Blue Skies, Mustard Flowers and Baby lambs.. Must be almost spring in Sonoma County! (image courtesy of California Wine Country

Daisies, Blue Skies, Mustard Flowers and Baby lambs in Sonoma County… We’re on the doorstep of Spring!! (image courtesy of California Wine Country)

And speaking of great food, check out the sensational Springtime recipes the #SundaySupper family presenting this week! Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day green, green food or spring inspired, the week’s #SundaySupper menu is sure to please your taste buds!  My wine pairing recommendations are italicized, Click on the name of the recommended wine to find out where to buy.

Pair these breakfast dishes, and bread with a Brut sparkling wine, which is the most food friendly style of sparkling wine. One of my favorites is Mumm Brut Prestige. It shows biscuit, sweet citrus, red fruit and subtle floral aromas.  and cherry , vanilla and citrus flavors with a creamy mouthfeel. I like the 

Pair these dishes with Pinot Grigio.  Look for the 2011 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio Alto Adige.

Pair these dishes with Riesling.  I love the 2011 Chateau Ste. Michelle & Dr. Loosen Eroica Riesling. It’s off-dry  with vibrant acidity and a beautiful white peach, grapefruit and mineral character.  Or if you’re ready to switch it up a bit, and try one of something new, try with one of my perennial faves, the 2011 Pine Ridge Chenin Blanc-Viognier. It’s a blend of 79% Chenin Blanc, 21% Viognier that is low alcohol (12%) with an aromatic, juicy grapefruit, melon, passionfruit, and baked stone fruit character with great acidity that make it a versatile food pairing partner.

Pair these dishes with Sauvignon Blanc, I recommend the 2011 Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc. It has a stone fruit, citrus and fresh tropical fruit aromas and flavors that is a manifestation of Springtime in a glass!

Try these dishes with a glass of Rosé, which is an underrated, food-friendly wine.  I’d generally recommend looking for 2012 vintage, but many are just now being released. A perennial favorite of mine is produced in Spain by Bodegas Muga.  Look for the 2011 Bodegas Muga Rosado. It’s a Tempranillo-based Rosé with floral, citrus, melon and strawberry character.  Want to know my other food and wine pairing tip? If I’m not sure about a food and wine pairing, I reach for Rosé!

Pair these dishes with Pinot Noir, the Chef’s wine.  Look for the 2011 Hahn Winery California Pinot Noir. It has wonderful mixed berry, lavender, and spice aromatics, that follow onto the palate.

Pair these desserts with Törley Doux Sparkling Tokaji. It’s a rare sparkling Tokaji, a wine produced in Hungary from a blend of blend of Furmint and Hárslevelű grape varieties.  It’s layered and concentrated with an intriguing dried citrus, tropical fruit, wildflowers, and honey character. 

I recommend you try these desserts with the 2010 Mourvedre Mon Doux

Here is the rest of this week’s Springtime #SundaySupper menu!

Frozen Desserts:


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55 thoughts on “Wines to Pair with Springtime #SundaySupper Dishes

  1. Very much into Rose’s as of late-the Muga is wonderful, and I have been loving Bandol!  Will pair well with the Strawberry Salad I am planning today. Appreciate all of your recommendations.

    • I love Rosés too! Bandol makes some great Rosé of course, though I tend not to recommend for the #SundaySupper because they can be pricey. Let me know if you find one in the $20 range that you’re especially fond of!

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  4. The grapes for my galette are caramelized with a late harvest. I almost bought a tempranillo, and now you paired it with one! Great post Martin, as always.

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  9. What a pretty picture ! Perfect Springtime pic.  Will try the pairing you suggested for mine. Have company the next weekend and planning to make this again, so will serve with your wine recc. Thanks Martin !

    • Hi Sue! Thanks. If you can’t find the wine I recommended. Look for an Moscato d’Asti. That would also pair well with your delicious Mango Mousse with Coconut Creme

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    • Thanks so much Isabel! Hmmmm….what’s that I hear…yes…it’s California Wine Country calling you!;-)

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  14. Excelletn wine recommendation! I lov elearning how to pair wines and your guide always comes so handy.
    PS I can’t find my savory crepes with prawns broccoli & hollandaise sauce in the list. With what would you pair it? just curious. =)

    • I would pair that with the sparkling wine. The acidity and the effervescence of the wine will help cut through the richness of the hollandaise sauce. Besides, sparkling wines goes with almost everything!

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  17. Hi Martin! Slowly, I’m learning more and more about wines, thanks to you. Recently, I hosted a dinner for my husband’s birthday. An invited guest called and offered to bring wine. Instead of being flummoxed, I immediately told him Pinot Grigio. He brought a bottle of Pinot Grigio Delle Vinezie, 2011, an import from Italy. I served flounder, so I’m thinking that was a great choice. Now I have another wine that I’m learning about, which is the one you’ve paired with my egg salad recipe. I didn’t even think that an egg salad could be paired with wine, but that sounds like the wine I’ll be packing in my picnic basic along with the egg salad. 


  18. Thank you for the wine pairings!  It’s so nice to have someone help with the pairings.  Some of these I could have guessed but others, especially wines with desserts, I have no clue about.

  19. You are so lucky to be living so close to wine country. I am very envious. It is beautiful there and I wish I could visit it more often. Thanks so much again for you fabulous wine pairings for #SundaySupper

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  22. What wonderful pairings!! I love Pinot Grigio Alto Adige! It would indeed go beautifully with my dish. I’m looking forward to trying some of the other wines you’ve recommended here. Happy St. Pats!

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  24. I actually have a bottle of the Mumm that you recommended. I’m thinking when I make quiche again for Easter we should drink it then.

  25. Being originally from Santa Rosa I agree. I do miss home and I can’t wait to bring my husband and daughter to see the beautiful Sonoma County and Napa Valley. I am going to the store later and I want to look out for a Chenin Blanc-Viogniers

  26. mmmm I’ll have to try the next time I make my fruit tarts!

  27. As always, thanks for your excellent wine pairings! It looks like spring will arrive sooner for you that for us! We still have snow in our forecast…ugh.

    • Sorry about the snow Liz…look on the positive side, it’ll make you appreciate warm weather more! Cheers, and thanks for the kind words!

  28. Fabulous wine pairings as always, Martin!  I’m so jealous you live so close to Napa and Sonoma.  I love it there – I’ve been twice and can’t wait to go back.

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