What’s Your Favorite Wine Tasting Region In California?

I recently asked myself…”If you had to limit yourself to one wine-tasting region in California, which would it be?  As I pondered the pros and cons of a few of my favorite wine tasting regions, I realized there were many factors that would influence my decision.  Things such as (in no particular order)…

  • How long does it take to get there?
  • What’s are my favorite styles of wine, and are they done well in with the region?
  • Can I go Sparkling Wine tasting?
  • Top of mind favorite wineries?
  • How’s the food scene? 
  • How’s the traffic?
  • What’s been my experience when I’ve gone tasting there?

 There were more than a few other factors too.  In fact, the more I thought about it, the more challenging it because, if for no other reason there are so many wonderful wine tasting regions in California.

What about you?  Here’s your chance to sound off!  If YOU had to pick one wine-tasting region in California as your favorite, which would it be?  Take the poll below, and/or leave me a comment!  Holler!

Photo courtesy of Melvin Yulo

What say you?

Oh…my final answer?  Sonoma! 


  1. Jan Davidson says:

    Napa has become so commercial and corporate, it’s changed the vibe. I miss the good old days. Don’t leave out the Santa Ynez Valley! Gorgeous country, easy drive from LA, relaxed country vibe, and real people… Plus many talented winemakers. Explore the Foxen Canyon Trail, or walk to the tasting rooms in Los Olivos. Be sure to do the Santa Rita Hills loop for incredible Pinots and Chardonnays including some funky tasting rooms in the “Wine Ghetto”.

    1. Hi Jan..my wife and I have been to wine festivals in the Santa Barbara area the last three years. We’ve explored many of the area you mention, and really enjoyed them. We visited the “Wine Ghetto” at the end of April – great wines! Thanks for stopping by!

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