Wine Words Demystified: Garigue

You know the deal, the more some folks learn about a topic, the more shortcuts/slang/acronyms/initials/technical jargon can be tossed around.  I’m here to help you understand those sometimes mysterious words and phrases, thus – Wine Words Demystified!

This week’s phrase is Garigue..

According to Karen MacNeil‘s The Wine Bible:

 A word used to describe the arid landscape of Provence and the southern Rhône, which is covered with dry scrub and tough, resiny wild herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, and lavender. The wine of Provence and the southern Rhône are said to smell and taste of garigue, garrigue in French. 

If you’ve got a bottle of Herbes de Provence at the house, take it out, open it up, stick your nose in there and take a whiff…yup that’s pretty much it!
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  1. We know it well since we spend most of the summer in Provence doing our wine trips and travel adventures for our clients….but we never hear people talk about it in the US. Kudos for raising the word!

  2. Thanks…Provence is on my travel to do list!

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