T.G.I.F. Champagne and the like…Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut Cava

Elyssia is separate label produced by Freixenet (pronounced ‘fresh-eh-NET) one of the largest producers of sparkling wine in the world.  You may know Freixenet from their ubiquitous black Cordon Negro Cava, which is the #1 imported sparkling wine in the world.

This Cava is different in that none of the grapes used in the traditional Cava blend are present in this bottling.  Instead Pinot Noir, a grape not widely associated with Spain, and Trepat, a little known indigenous black grape used mostly for Rosé Cava are used.

Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut Cava

Elyssia Pinot Noir Brut Cava 

Region: Spain>Catalunya>Cava

Variety – 85% – Pinot Noir/ 15% – Trepat

Residual Sugar – Unknown

$19, 11.5% a.b.v.

Production method: Méthode traditionnelle;

My tasting notes follow:

Appearance: Lovely blush pink salmon color

Aromas: Fresh bread dough, raspberries, and cherry aromas

Body: On the palate, a moderately aggressive mousse, medium bodied, dry with a bit of fruitiness, and soft acidity

Taste: Raspberry and ripe cherry with a hint of tangerine on the back palate.

Finish: Short-Medium

Pair with: The beauty of sparkling wines is their versatility with food, because of their palate refreshing quality (think scrubbing bubbles;-). This was delightful as an aperitif and with food.   I enjoyed this with a traditional Filipino style meatloaf called embutido, and glazed carrots.  But this would be a versatile pairing partner for a host of foods such as  sweet and sour dishes, or mildly seasoned pork, or poultry dishes.

This is good value for a sparkling Rosé at $19.  I recommend!  86 pts   (Click here to find this wine)