T.G.I.F. Champagne and the like…NV Domaine Chandon California Rosé

Domaine Chandon, established in 1973, was the first French-owned sparkling wine venture in the United States.  The winery, and their highly regarded restaurant étoile are co-located in Yountville. Thus creating the only fine dining/restaurant in the Napa Valley.  Chandon makes both sparkling and still wine, but are best known for their sparkling wines which are produced from the traditional Champagne grapes, ChardonnayPinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier.  The grapes are sourced from three appellations within Napa Valley Los Carneros AVAMt. Veeder AVA, and Yountville AVA.

In addition to their Blanc de Noirs (see link below for my revieiw), this Rosé, they also produce Brut Classic, Extra-Dry Riche, and a Sparkling Red wine.  All the aforementioned wines retail for between $22-$26.  I’ve been looking to trying the Sparkling Red, which I think would make a great Thanksgiving wine.  In addition to their entry-level sparkling wines they also produce Reserve, Vintage, and three top of the line étoile sparkling wines.

Chandon California Rosé Photo courtesy of Domaine Chandon

NV Domaine Chandon California Rosé

Region: California

Variety – Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir

Residual Sugar – Unknown

Production method: Méthode Champenoise; Aged at least 12 months on less.  Pinot Noir added en tirage

Alcohol by volume: 13%

Cost: $14 (on sale) Retail: $21

My tasting notes follow:

Color: Pink with a coppery tinge

Aromas: Bread dough, and strawberries

Body: Small dispersed bubbles with somewhat creamy mousse.  It went flat relatively quickly.

Taste:  Creamy strawberries, cherries and a touch of spice

Finish: Short

Pair with: The beauty of sparkling wines is their pairing versatility with a variety of foods.  This one would be a good aperitif, and also pair with nicely with wide variety of foods.  The night I had it, I enjoyed it with a wide range of leftovers including steak, chicken apples sausage, chili relleno, and a salad.  It worked well with all the foods!

This is a very good entry level sparkling Rosé.  It was easy, enjoyable, and it’s widely available.  It’d buy again whenever, I find it only sale.  If you’ve not tried a Rosé sparkler, this is a good one try.  (86 pts).