Time for a Pinot Noir Wine Date!

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A week from today is the 2nd Annual #PinotSmackdown(click here for details).  The Pinot Smackdown is a worldwide virtual wine tasting that’s focused on Pinot Noir.  A virtual wine tasting is an event that unites a community of wine drinkers around a particular type of wine using various social media.  According to Ed Thralls of Wine Tonite here’s how you can participate:

For those new to social media, an online Social Media Community Tasting is simply when people who love wine gather socially both at physical locations, such as wineries, wine shops and their own homes, and virtually via Twitter, Facebook or any social channel turning the event into one big wine party! Throughout the event, wine-lovers from across the country and the globe will share their thoughts on the wines they’ve chosen to drink on this night and “conversing” with like-minded connoisseurs. It’s a captive audience totally focused on Pinot Noir.

Participants use the #PinotSmackdown hashtag so that comments may be tracked on a social media site.

What makes this virtual tasting a bit different from others in which I’ve participated is the “smackdown” component, whereby you may vote by region via Twitter or Facebook for your favorite Pinot Noir.  To do that, simply add another 2-character hashtag after the #PinotSmackdown.  For example, if your favorite is from California, you’d vote for it with #PinotSmackdown #CA hashtag.  Since it’s a “smackdown”, smack will be talked such as this tweet from Windsor Wines…”Countdown to #CA domination is on! T- 2 weeks… #pinotsmackdown

So, what’s in it for you besides great Pinot Noir?  I’ve found these virtual tastings are a great way to discover great wines, wine regions, and value wines that you might not otherwise get exposed to.  So get a bottle or three of Pinot Noir, and join in this fun worldwide event!

Want to know more about Pinot Noir?  Check out the great link below!!