Is “2011 A Very Bad Year for Wine”?…

Wine grapes.
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Well, it is according to this a post entitled 2011 a very bad year for wine foist upon us by  NBC News Bay Area, which leads with the following statement…

“Years from now at some fancy wine shop, don’t expect to pay top dollar for the 2011 vintage.  If there is any for sale.”

Wow!  Talk about misleading, if not downright irresponsible reporting!  I realize we’ve gotten more late season rain than usual here in Nor Cal.  And that the rain is creating some gray hairs for some grape growers.  The worse thing that could happen is that there may not be as much fruit, which may actually be a good thing for the quality of the fruit, which is determined throughout the entire grape growing season.  Such a proclamation by NBC is very premature in my view.  How NBC makes the leap to it being a “very bad year for wine” is beyond me!  “If there is any for sale” Really..?

I’m more worried I won’t be able to drink the few cases of Rosé I have before the the warm weather subsides, and my tastes in wine goes back to red!